Servicing Northeastern Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

Servicing Northeastern Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.


A consultation with our senior matchmaker, Suzanne is a great first step to learn the value of having a professional matchmaker or a dating coach. This 90-minute interview, whether in person, via zoom or skype, or by phone, will give you an opportunity to share your dating obstacles, past relationship history, personal deal breakers, and unique dating goals. You will also take a personality evaluation so we can get to know what your ideal match would look like. Together, we’ll establish a personalized dating agenda to suite your desires and create an authentic profile, including your preferences, life goals, hobbies, etc., in order to choose quality matches from our private membership base. Once a membership is purchased, the consultation fee of $49.99 will be waved. 

Platinum Membership

Our Platinum Membership is very personalized to your dating needs. You will begin your Platinum Membership with a phone consultation with our senior matchmaker, Suzanne, followed by a 90-minute interview, either in person or via skype or zoom video services. This allows our matchmakers to learn about your past relationship history and create a personalized dating agenda that will set you up for success. Our team will create your unique authentic profile and begin selecting quality matches from our private member base. Once a Platinum Member, you may also add “date coaching” to your membership, where we provide feedback on your dates as well as comprehensive dating tips and personalized recommendations. Our Platinum Membership is customized in a specific and delicate way that will ensure you personal growth and relationship success.  

Silver Membership

A Silver Memberships starts with a phone consultation with our senior matchmaker, Suzanne, followed by a 60-minute consult in person to create your authentic profile and your first matching session, where we select a few quality matches and arrange for you to meet some of our private members. A Silver Membership gives you a great idea of what the benefits of working with a private matchmaker are. As a Silver Member, you will also receive feedback after each date with a match from Love Brokers. Schedule your consultation today.

Standard Membership

A Standard Membership is ideal for those not yet ready to commit to a personal matchmaker. A Standard Membership allows you to complete your own profile with a current profile photo. Although we do not actively search for matches for our Standard Members, you will be considered as a match for one of our Silver or Platinum Members. Since all of our members are private, a consultation will be scheduled if we find you to be a suitable match for a member. 

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