An Interview with Suzanne Dante!

An Interview with Love Brokers founder and owner, Suzanne Dante!

Q. When did you start your career as a matchmaker?

A. I started my passionate career in matchmaking 20 years ago and I just knew I found my calling. I had the opportunity to learn so much from a seasoned, experienced matchmaker/ business women. I have sat with countless people and listened to their life stories and helped them move past hurt, disappointment, and fears.

Q. Why did you create Love Brokers?

A. I was gifted with beautiful parents that loves each other dearly through good and difficult times. And although they instilled amazing values in me, I myself experienced toxic relationships, made many mistakes, and learned many lessons the hard way. I realized that life comes with hurt, betrayal, and some hard lessons. I so believe in the power of love, support, and healthy relationships. I want everyone to have that in their lives. I love helping people overcome what might be holding them back, such as fear of rejection, ego, predisposed unhealthy patterns, self-sabotage, etc. and if Love Brokers could help one person at a time find authentic love {whatever that looks like to them} I will be serving my life passion.

Q. How/When did Love Brokers begin?

A. The incredible matchmaking service I had worked for and that had a lot of success, was sold to someone else due to the owner’s health issues and it being about their time to retire. Since I loved matching making and felt it truly became my heart, with the support of my business partner, we opened Love Brokers on November 27, 2018. We created an updated office and logo and refaced this beautiful service of matchmaking into a hybrid of old-fashioned dating and new-aged or modern online dating.

Q. Who can benefit from joining Love Brokers?

A. Anyone looking to find a valued sincere relationship would benefit from being a part of Love Brokers. Our most successful members will open their hearts and be willing to work through any personal obstacles that may be holding them back. Some examples of what I hear from new members are “I was married for so many years, how do I start reconnecting and dating again?” … “I find the dating sites scary and uncomfortable at the least” … “I’m happy in many areas of my life, but there is that tinge of the missing puzzle” …” I’m lonely, but shy until you get to know me” … “I have a hard time trusting after being hurt” … “I have a fear of rejection and hurt that dating can create” …” I am tired of not knowing why my dates lead to a dead end and false hope” …” I make poor choices and bad patterns in relationships, and am in need of guidance” … “what are red flags?” … “I’m resistant and difficult because I have walls built around my heart” … “I have negative thinking around relationship and have lost faith” ….” I am just busy and need quality encounters with compatible people” …” I am widowed and I just need a companion” …. “I want to meet people who share my life goals, values, some interests, energy level” ….” I want to learn and grow through the dating process!”

At the end of the day, everyone deserves to be loved!

Q: What is your role as a Love Brokers’ matchmaker?

Our role is to support our clients throughout the dating process. Although we strive to find them a true authentic, happy relationship, we also give them ideas and advice that could lead to better results in their dating life. We guide them when need be on what to wear, date ideas etc. We also provide a code of ethics to each member in order to make their experience more comfortable and communication clear. We first get to know our members through interviewing them in person or via zoom and learn what they are striving towards in a relationship so we can match each person as an individual. We base our matching on that person’s relationship goals, “will date” section of their profile, hobbies, lifestyle, values, interests, personality, and looks. We also help our members overcome fears, walls, rejection and we keep communication flowing throughout the process. We retrieve honest feedback after each date and then direct our members as to how to move forward in the dating process. We continue to search for potential matches and present them to new members that would be qualified matches throughout the process. Most importantly, we keep our members motivated, support them through the difficulties of dating, re-motivate them to get back out there as we get to know when it’s time to give them a loving push.

Q: What does a successful case look like to you?

Love Brokers

Love Brokers

A successful case is giving them pleasurable experiences with dating. Ultimately, our goal is to find them “The One” that they can share their life, dreams, and happiness with. When they grow as a person and stay positive, even if they don’t find “the one,” and if they’re comfortable where they are and continue to move forward, that means we have reached success.

Q: How is Love Brokers different from online dating?

At Love Brokers you have a real person to walk you through dating, vs an algorithm throwing you matches. Love Brokers gives you someone to talk to and vent to and eliminates dating “games” (like swiping left or right,). You have someone who will be honest and up front with you. Here, you have real people with true understanding and care throughout the dating process.

Q: What is your favorite part of being a matchmaker?

My favorite part is helping people and being there through the happy times and the difficult times. I like encouraging them, painting a picture for them, opening their minds to other people they normally wouldn’t gravitate towards vs just choosing a picture they think is their “type.” The most rewarding part is finding them a match, especially for people who have lost faith in love and relationships, and then the right person comes through the door and they fall in love!

Q. How do you encourage your clients to not hide behind the computer or phone?

A. Hiding behind a screen hinders growth and the ability of any real relationship happening.

Our code of ethics forces clients to not hide behind their computer or phone, and states they need to set up face to face meetings. Texting is the worst form of communication, and it’s been proven that online dating is actually addicting (all the swiping and looking at photos for hours can really suck you in!). You need to see and hear who you’re going to meet. There’s no chatting and wasting time “just talking” without real live dates. When you meet, you realize if they are, or are not who you thought they were. Many people create a false perception of who they are when they’re behind a screen, so texting just becomes fantasy. Once you meet, then you can really see if there is an authentic connection.

Q. What’s your tip for a first date?

A. Not every first date is perfect, and we need to get away from seeking instant gratification. Relationships develop naturally! We also need to cut others some slack- everyone makes mistakes or has an off day. We encourage open mindedness to get true results.

Q. What is your advice for getting over a “bad date” or relationship?

A. People tend to give us so easily. My advice is to not think negatively about relationships after a bad experience but to change your perception. We’re here to make sure our clients don’t give up, although we give them time to slow down the dating process if they need it and that’s okay! Not everyone you meet is going to be a love match, but a lot of members do develop friendships instead. Heartbreak is not easy, but love is worth it.

Love brokers understands, empathize, and relates! Just like a friend. We have all been through it, too.