Cozy Weather & Holiday Seasons


Cozy Weather & Holiday Seasons: The Perfect Time to Put Yourself Out There Call The Love Broker!

Fall is in the air and before we know it, the holidays will be here soon, too! As summer winds down and the cozy weather creeps in, our beach gear gets swapped out for our big ole blankets, sweaters, jeans, flannels and boots. So, while you’re preparing to get cozy on the couch or ready for the holiday chaos, don’t wait until the last minute to find that special someone to share this crisp season with.

There are many reasons to put yourself out there, meet some new people, build new relationships, and enjoy the company of others. But this time of year can feel especially lonely. So, while we’re contemplating if we’re ready to step out of our comfort zones, remember that you’re bound to have a great time partaking in the upcoming seasonal festivities with a partner.

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Don’t limit yourself based on your fears and past experiences. This season can already feel a little spooky, with ghosts and goblins running around the neighborhood and scary movies playing on the TV, so why add to the fright? Instead of thinking about all of the things that can go wrong, start getting excited about all of the things that can go right! Starting a companionship with someone new means there’s a clean slate, free of confrontation, free of challenges, free of distaste, yet FULL of possibilities!

Imagine having a significant other to spend the holidays with. That means no more family members harping, questioning, or suggesting they have a great blind date for you. Instead, the pressure will be off of you so you’ll be able to finally enjoy a peaceful holiday dinner with your loved one(s) or with your partner and their family a great escape from your own craziness!

The best part about starting off the season with a new relationship is all the cozy cuddles while you’re watching your favorite Halloween or holiday classics- or maybe it’s more like having someone to hide behind while you watch a scary movie. Spending Sundays together cheering on your favorite football teams, or having a friendly rivalry if you’re rooting for different teams. And simply enjoying your shared time and hobbies together!

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